Alright, I'll Talk About It

Six turnovers on six poseessions to start the half. The January Heels returned with a vengeance.

George Mason was the quickest defensive team I've seen all year. To be able to press that far out on the guards and still collapse four people on to Hansbrough and grab as many defensive rebounds as they did. But still, there were enough UNC defensive stops in the last three minutes that better shots would have given the Heels the game. And as much as the coach is willing to take the blame, when it came down to it the team didn't get the job done.

That being said, I don't think the loss was the total disaster some people think. George Mason is a team playing well, with few embarassing losses on their schedule. (They have issues with Hofstra, true, but Hofstra's still playing in the NIT, which is a feat Wake, Clemson, Maryland and Virginia can't lay claim to.) I think they'll push past Witchita State before getting hit by the UConn Final Four train this weekend. There are limits to what even The Cherry can accomplish, after all.

Meanwhile, the fans get to turn their focus to the more experienced Tar Heels facing a tougher road in their tournament. And confidential to BTW -- UNC alum James K. Polk is a much better subject for your attentions.