I Predict a Riot

Chapel Hill: Cold Weather Doesn't Chill Fans' Enthusiasm

East Lansing: About 60 Spartans fans arrested after loss

Champaign: Police thank Illini fans for celebrating responsibly

Someone really needs to explain the whole concept of celebrating to the Big Ten.

A Bastard Illini Roommate: You know, if you like, you can go set the front yard on fire. Apparently, it's what you Carolina people do.
Tar Heel March: It was a controlled fire in the midst of a joyous celebration.
Another Bastard Illini Roommate: There were four of them.
Tar Heel March: Four controlled fires in the midst of a joyous celebration. Harmless.
Second Bastard Illini Roommate: Three people were hurt. And a bicycle.
Tar Heel March: You're from a city that shoots firearms in the air after Bulls victories. Shaddup.

(In case you were keeping score, the Champaign and Chapel Hill celebrations had the same total number of arrests.)