Tar Heel March No More!

What with partnerships and blog networks being all the rage, I've hooked up with SportsBlog Nation and their filthy lucre to relaunch as:


Head over there for the full story. Or, stay here and be all indie rock complaining about how much better I was before I sold out. This is the last of the new content here, though. I'll leave you with the greastest piece of wisdom I can impart.

Tar Heel is two words. Really. This bit of wisdom was at one point part of freshman orientation at UNC - I don't know if it still is, but the fact remains. Two words. Capitalized. Duke fans, speaking it in reverence while kneeling facing south with outstrecthed palms in acknowledgement of UNC's athletic superiority in just about everything, is optional, but encouraged.

(And if you never saw the logo for the original site, stop using Internet Explorer. I was always proud of that logo.)